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Thank you for sowing into the expansion of the kingdom of God in Sweden!

We believe that every part of the world needs Jesus. But the need is different in different countries, and with different people. Sometimes the biggest need is spiritual, but sometimes we also have to provide the physical help. And just like everyone has something to receive, everyone also has something to give.

We believe that we can be part of different ministries in different ways. How many ministries would have not gotten of the ground if it wasn't for the passion of the people supporting them in prayer? We would be honored if you want to pray for the work that we're doing, and you're of course always welcome to join us here. But we also want to invite you to give financially. That's also a way for you to be involved in what God's doing here!

The money enables us to do the kind of work God is leading us to, without having to worry about doing what would make the most money. It goes to our different ministries, like evangelism and prayer and worship meetings. You might be providing the cup of coffee that we hand out to someone on the street, or you might be buying the bible that we're using in our refugee ministry.

You can give in any of the ways listed above, and just contact us if you have any questions, or if you want to hear more about how the money is being used!

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